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Apple Support


Apple Support London

    • Apple Support: Operating System Troubleshooting for Mac OS X – from Mac OS 10.1 to Mac OS 10.15
    • Application Software Installations / Re-installs, Upgrades / Updating / Troubleshooting
    • Data Recovery for failing and crashed hard drives using non-invasive techniques.
    • Crashing / Freezing – We resolve problems with all Apple Mac Applications
    • Connection / Disconnect / Communication Problems with Peripherals including Printers, Scanners, Hard Drives, File Servers
    • Platform Transition / Migration, Switching from Microsoft Windows PC to Mac OS, Mac to Newer Mac, Mac OS 9 to Mac OS X 10
    • E-mail Account Setup and Configuration, E-mail Archiving and Management, Junk Mail Protection and Filtering
    • Apple Support: Computer Virus / Spyware / Malware Detection and Removal
    • Back-up Software Configuration: Solutions for Scheduled On/Off-site Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
    • Remote Access Support — We can log into your Mac remotely to make minor repairs and adjustments.”
    • Apple Software / Hardware Purchasing Assistance — “We’ll source the best deal available and make sure that you only purchase what you need!”
    • Apple Support: Preventive Computer Maintenance including File System Check, Volume Directory Rebuild, File / Volume Defragment and Optimization, Disk Permissions Verification and Repair to keep your computer running trouble-free, at its peak performance.
    • PC Platform and virtualization running under VMware Fusion, Parallels and Boot Camp.

Apple Support Areas covered: